Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Literal Animal Print

Animal - Prints: FELINE

Kanye West and Liv Tyler battled it out for who wore the Givenchy Rottweiler tee better and Hanneli Mustaparta repped crazy cat ladies everywhere in her cropped Opening Ceremony cat knit. Since then, the 'literal animal print' has taken over streets. Animals also took over various Fashion Weeks! Soon, Proenza Schouler handed out ballcaps with embroidered cats at their spring 2013 collection’s after-party & leave it to Man Repeller's Leandra Medine, to make the beaded sweater even cuter after she restyled it with a pair of boyfriend jeans on the set of Moda Operandi’s photoshoot of the collection. From outside the fashion tents we’ve also spotted animals on everything. Suits, bracelets, pants, and sweaters – there’s not a surface that hasn’t been emblazoned with an exotic or household animal. Yeap, these pieces actually feature the animal itself! So how do you pull the trend off without looking too garish? Opt for a piece that doesn’t feature too much of colour, with a neutral base like this simple tiger face tee. If you plan to “go wild”, do it with your top & stick to basic coloured bottoms! Here, I wore the tee with leather pants! Also, try to avoid mixing too many prints and patterns! The pop of Neon was a last minute add-on, mainly cause, it was designed by my Bestie, and is a favourite piece of mine! *grins* Also, apologies for being m.i.a for a while. I had exams and stuff going on. (My Bestie got married, Yeap!)



 Leather Pants: Zara
Studded Slippers: Thrifted
Accessories: Assorted
Neon Pink Studded Bag: Aww! -By Priyanka
Sunglasses: RayBan

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Oxblood Love

Oxblood is the new hot hue for Fall 2012! Spotted on the runways of Jason Wu, RodartePeter Som, and more.The rather darkly subtle palette of burgundy, aubergine, and oxblood red adds a certain warmth to the pallete along with regality. The rich, burgundy color adds a dose of drama to any look, whether you sport it on your lips or hips, haha!  Burgundy, maroon, oxblood, wine or bordeaux, this dark, vixen-ish shade has made a huge comeback this season.
One can find tons of things from skinny jeans to nail polish in this sultry hue along with fashion magazines, blogs and pretty much the entire internet. Burgundy acts as a neutral this fall. You can pair it up with bright colours, black and white or other neutrals or earthy tones to create interesting outfits. One of the top colors that designers will have you craving this fall is indeed, Oxblood, the latest spin on burgundy, a rich Merlot red that's bold yet classic and easy to wear!
Here I wore Oxblood/Burgundy pants with suede ugg boots, a layered top and some pretty funky jewellery that had a ting of burgundy in them and a studded bag that has become quite a staple of mine! Welcome Fall '12! :D

Top: Busy Bee, Pune
Oxblood Pants: Local Store, Pune
Boots: Gift from Dad, US
Bracelet/Cuff: Accessorize
Rings: Assorted
Clutch: D.I.Y
Sunnies: Aldo
Necklace: Blur Designs
On My Nails: Revlon-Vixen
On My Lips: Revlon-Berry Rich
Watch: Guess

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

D.I.Y: Studded Clutch

Last weekend I decided to make my own studded clutch. I had been seeing these really amazing black leather clutches with gold studs on them & they really stole my attention entirely! I went & checked them out at Zara & on observing them closely, I got this cool idea to make my own studded clutch! Well, partly because I had a very similar looking leather clutch lying around at home which belonged to my Mommy! ;)
The Studs were gifted to me by my best friend, Priyanka! She's a Fashion Designer based in Pune-Mumbai with a very keen & brilliant eye for Style. Check out her Brand here: Aww! -By Priyanka 
So, well, she landed up giving me 200 odd studs & I decided to use them on my clutch. I had already put them on my denim shirt which drew in a lot of attention that it deserved! ;) 

-Scissor or any sharp pointed object

Firstly, be careful as the studs tend to poke. Leather is quite stiff compared to the usual softer fabrics so keep a scissor or sharp object in hand, to pierce the fabric in order to put the studs in. Once inside the fabric, spread the two pointed ends to secure it. Cover the inside with a lining of a softer fabric & stitch it up so that you don't hurt your fingers once you start using the clutch.

Check out the pictures for further guidance! :)

The End Product!
A Super Chic Leather Studded Clutch!

Zara Studded Clutch

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

I 'Moustache' you a Question!

Its been a while and yet it seems like 'Moustaches' are everywhere! And I mean, not just on the faces of men, but also on the opposite sex!! It seems like everyone wants to sport the moustache look now, be it a man or woman, or teen! Moustaches, in themselves, symbolize power and are the epitome of masculinity while maintaining an elegant air of sophistication ("like a sir" Haha!).
I think the trend is fun & hilarious! Its kinda cute in a quirky way with a silly, retro-vibe to it! As a bit of a rebel, I love the masculine moustache trend. Though I'm not much of a person who is bold, I wouldn't try it out and maybe limit myself to small accessories like a brooch, pendant, ring or even a cute tee!
When the Kardashian sisters posted a funny picture with moustaches, we knew this quirky trend was here to stay for a while! I did my take on the moustache trend, with a moustache brooch that caught my attention recently! :D I edited the pictures to make them look vintage-y and retro-ish! Haha! ;)
So, I 'Moustache' you a question? Trend: Yay or Nay? ;)

Kardashian sisters on 'Keeping up With the Kardashians'

My Take on the Moustache Trend!

Cute 'LOVE' ring, my current obsession!

I also bought another brooch! Cute isn't it?

Hope you had as much fun reading this post, as i had preparing it! :D

Brooches: Designerds
Nerdy Glasses: Thrifted
Striped Shirt with Collar-Tips: Gift from Mommy
LOVE Ring: Miss.Moxie

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Monday, 8 October 2012


Yesterday I went shopping with my best friend, Priyanka....We had a blast eating, shopping, and clicking pictures! She of course obliged clicking a few for me and Thank you to her for that haha! :P
As fall creeps in, I love crawling towards warmer clothes and so leggings, jackets, blazers and dark, warm colours set in. And boy am I happy! :D I wanted to avoid colours like the current reigning: Oxblood as it seemed too dark for the Pune heat but a comfy pair of leggings would warm my otherwise bare legs, in shorts! My look here: A basic white linen shirt that I knotted in the front, leopard shorts, leggings, a studded detail bag and of course, Lennon shades! :D

Photo Credits to my Best Bud: Priyanka

Shirt: Thrifted (DIY -Buttons)
Leopard Shorts: Gift from My Boy -courtesy Online Shopping ;)
Studded Leggings: Chemistry
Loafers: (featured a million times already!) Local Store, Pune
Leather Bag: Gift from mom
Accessories: Assorted, DIY
Lennon shades: c/o Firmoo

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Trip to 'Society'

I've always been a huge fan of exhibitions...right from designer exhibitions- big or small, to exhibitions for teeny knick-knacks! Arty-Handmade things catch my eye and hence I headed to 'Society Exhibition' held every year in my city, Pune! :) There was a lot of rush on the first day itself as everyone wanted to grab the best pieces, I suppose! :) This year, as I heard was not one of its best and they were better previously. Anyway, I managed some clicks on my friends camera along with pictures of a few things I landed up purchasing. :)

My Purchases: 
Audrey Hepburn Raw Silk Cushion Covers; 
Feather Extensions;
Stone and Pearl Earrings;
Turquoise Stone Earrings;
White & Gold Elephant Cuff;
Handicraft Stall - Mirror Work Bangle (seen later)

Cutest Cuff Ever!

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Its a Rollar Coaster Ride!

Recently I spent my weekend lazing around at home and spending time with my family which was satisfying and great! I had a superb bonding session with my brother as well! We are like two peas in a pod, so in sync and so its really easy to hang out with him even though he is 7 years younger than i am!
So, my weekend was Saturday, Sunday and the following Tuesday as well!!
There was a Fun Fair held in Pune for the past two months or so which was rounding up and we thought of visiting the place. I hadn't thought of going previously even though I live ten minutes away! :/ *my bad - blame it on Laziness* Nonetheless we went there, on time, the place wasn't too crowded initially which allowed me to click a few shots. They had made a makeshift Taj Mahal which, i must say, was very well made & similar to the original!
Once we went inside towards the rides, my brother and I went berserk, wanting to sit on each and every ride possible, as if to fulfil a long-lost childhood dream! *sarcasm intended* 
There were tons to attractive knick-knacks and handicraft items for sale which were selling like hot cakes!
Anyway, onto what i wore...I decided to stick to something comfy and hassle-free as I knew I would be on the move and sitting on the rides etc.....
I wore a cute bird print shirt (My love for funky and cute prints never seems to cease!) Since it had a nude colour base I wore it with green cropped pants to add some spunk Threw on some accessories, comfy loafers and I was done!
Special Thanks to my brother to be patient with me and click my pictures! ;)

Colourful Beads Galore!

The Fake-Almost-Real Taj Mahal

Rollar Coaster Ride, Anyone?


* Shirt:
Pants: Zara
Accessories: Blur
Loafers: Local Store, Pune

* I've never liked putting a tag/ brand on what I wear or what I love, as I Wear it 'Because' I LOVE it. *Priceless*
Nonetheless, its honestly for you, my blog followers, in case you love something and want to own it too but don't know where to source it from! :)

On this note, I end today's blog post ... Hope you'll enjoyed reading it!
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