Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nail Art!

Heres something similar to what i tried on my day off from work! Turned out pretty neat and unexpectedly gorgeous! :)
So who all will be trying this? ;)
ohh n i found a random store that sells OPI *shock* ... it was stacked up in a corner and my eyes spotted them haha! anyway they retailed at a shocking price of 190/- *wide eyes* blah blah point is i picked up the gold shade "curry up don't be late" or at least thats what was written....and since my fetish for black nails is never ending, i blended gold with black! (they top my list of  favourite colours) ;)
lemme know your thoughts and comments! :)


Friday, 13 April 2012


Sorry iv been MIA for a really loooong time haha...(owe it to laziness).... Yes im very super lazy when it comes to anything computer related and tend to get my work done mostly through my younger tech-savy-brainy brother or The Boyyfraand.....ohh n i was really busy with work for like 6 months.....
Any which way, point is, I'm Back! :)
annnnd, il be blogging basically about myself and my silly 'n' simple life that i lead....right from food (ohh im a big foodie) to fashion (quite a passion, indeed).... Hope to add a new realm to my life! :) 
So heres my very first post!
It was basically a very casual meet with my friends and one of my friends, Rohit landed up clicking a few good shots of all of us! (more to come later!) Rohit photographed me and the pictures are great! He really is a talented chap! Check out his photography blog HERE !!
Hope you enjoyed the teeny post!
Happy Reading fellow Peeps!
Your comments are always welcome! :)

-Tons of Lou,
Madhumita <3