Sunday, 22 July 2012

Vintage Lennon Sunnies

No matter whether you call them Lennon shades, Round sunglasses or Tea-Shades there's certainly no mistaking their iconic status merit to the legendary Beatle. They are just as popular now while they were 40 years gone by when he first wore them, they are pretty much definitely here to stay! Mary-Kate Olsen has revived the fashion industry's interest in them by frequently wearing basic John Lennon sunglasses. Personally, I've always been a huge fan of anything vintage and specially of Lennon Sunnies!
Recently, Firmoo Online Optical Store along with Joei from Joei & Me sent me a gorgeous pair of the sunnies that i had been lusting in a brown shade! Perfecto! Its just the right size and i love the way it just instantly gives a vintage-y classic look to my outfit! Firmoo has an offer running currently, where one can grab a free pair as well by paying the shipping costs! :)
I leave you today with a few pictures! :)

Mr.Lennon, thou art a trendsetter, eh?

Bloggers Favourite, it seems:

Here's how it looks on me:
Best thing is that they look black indoors and brown outdoors!
Either way, i love them!

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Bunny Print!

This season prints break all the rules, whether you like it floral or a bit eclectic and quirky! We have spotted our favourite celebrities in 'animal' prints and various fashion bloggers wear this favourite trend be it Bird-prints, Cat-prints, Horse-prints or right about anything! Everyone's adopting the quirkier path! ;)
My shirt here is by a Pune based designer, Sonam Parmar. The pretty mint shade has been paired up with a cute 'bunny' print to make for a unique and refreshing piece! :)
Also, i wore this to an early '8am' weekend workshop by D'Kaleidoscope that i attended! So pardon me if i wasn't decked up as apart from some kohl, i don't have an ounce of make up on! ;)
The workshop was all about the basic concepts of photography along with the functioning of a camera and was conducted by the very talented, Radhika Jaising! :) 
All the pictures at the venue below were clicked by her! :)

 Aren't the bunnies on the shirt, cute? ;)

Bloopers! ;)

Now isn't that a cute logo?
Shirt: Sonam Parmar
Jeans: Zara
Braided Belt: Esprit

I hope my post was rather enjoyable! :)
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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Making A Statement

Hello! :D
So, 2012 is turning out to be a year of beautiful bold statement necklaces and i have been following suit! *wink* 
Chunky may not be a compliment, but when it comes to jewellery it Sure is! Style mavens and celebs have been rocking the look for years, but now the jewellery trend is becoming more and more prevalent. 
Bib necklaces, layered necklaces, chunky pieces and unique metalwork have added an extra flair to basic dresses, or even your daily tees... and, like our beloved shoes and bracelets, you can't really grow out of a good necklace, can you? That's what we call #fashionwinning- Haha! :D
Here's a glimpse of some of my very own favourites! :) I'm so sure i'll be adding more to my collection soon *giggle* ;)

 Vintage - Tribal - Gold

STY'ONAL -started by Sonal Wadhwa retailing superb necklaces, earrings, rings & offering fast service!
BLUR Designs -an initiative of ESBEDA and retailing the most funkiest and gorgeous pieces i've ever seen! 
XOXO Accessories -started by Minnat Doshee retailing in everything from hair clips to neckpieces to handmade funky chai glasses! :)

 House Of Harlow, much?

 Tangerine = Love

 This special head-turner is courtesy 8teen Style Boulevard :)
Started by Dhwani Shah and deals in Gorgeous neckpieces, earrings, rings & clothes!
Thank you for the voucher, Dhwani and looking forward to using my new one! ;)

 A Riot of Pastels and  Neons!

 This interesting piece can be worn either side!

 Antique - Pearls - Beads

This is how I keep them at hand on my table! :)

Hope you enjoyed my post! :)
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Monday, 2 July 2012

Two Years

I recently completed two years of my relationship with my 'college bud and now boyfie' and so we decided to go and visit Lavasa. "Yayie, 6months.Yayie, 11months." -Nope. we arent the sorts. Years is more of our thing, since we've known each other for a decent couple of years -if you know what i mean! ;) And so, Lavasa was nice, rains made the ground it a little mucky but the overall weather compensated it all. I dont really belong to the clan who love the rains n jump with glee at every downpour...i rather dislike it but this time the weather really was chilly, windy and awesome!I wore this cute chiffon Pink and Purple Ikat print dress with an asymmetrical hemline. I was thanking my stars as i walked around, for wearing leggings below, else i would've embarrassed myself owing the 'windy situation'! This dress i purchased cause cummon, the print's lovely, isnt it? Besides it brought two of my favourites together: Prints (Ikat) and Asymmetrical hemlines! The leggings are a must have: Metallic-Finish with Black Pyramid Studs at the sides! *LOVE* They were available in black and grey. Mine are grey. As for the accessories, (you know i love them) i wore a plain black statement necklace that happens to be a 'House of Harlow -by Nicole Richie' dupe but i couldn't care less -for me, its pretty. Period. Put on some golden bracelets with pearls and a much loved - 'LOVE' two-finger ring. Apt, right? ;) A basic pair of black loafers, a plain black belt and a gold watch -Sorted!

Leggings: Chemistry
Loafers: Local Store
Bow Belt: Promod
Bag: Accessorize 
(Guest Appearance haha!)

Pearl Bracelets: Gift from Fashion and You
Watch: Guess
Necklace: STY'ONAL

On My Lips: 2000 Kisses Lip Stain by Diana Of London
*stays really long considering these pictures were taken on my way back home!



Lastly a few Glimpses... Lovely weather, Lavasa, Landscape, and Lover...

*excuse the picture quality, some of them were clicked on a cell phone! :)

Hope you enjoyed my post!
Stay tuned for more! :)

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