Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Its a Rollar Coaster Ride!

Recently I spent my weekend lazing around at home and spending time with my family which was satisfying and great! I had a superb bonding session with my brother as well! We are like two peas in a pod, so in sync and so its really easy to hang out with him even though he is 7 years younger than i am!
So, my weekend was Saturday, Sunday and the following Tuesday as well!!
There was a Fun Fair held in Pune for the past two months or so which was rounding up and we thought of visiting the place. I hadn't thought of going previously even though I live ten minutes away! :/ *my bad - blame it on Laziness* Nonetheless we went there, on time, the place wasn't too crowded initially which allowed me to click a few shots. They had made a makeshift Taj Mahal which, i must say, was very well made & similar to the original!
Once we went inside towards the rides, my brother and I went berserk, wanting to sit on each and every ride possible, as if to fulfil a long-lost childhood dream! *sarcasm intended* 
There were tons to attractive knick-knacks and handicraft items for sale which were selling like hot cakes!
Anyway, onto what i wore...I decided to stick to something comfy and hassle-free as I knew I would be on the move and sitting on the rides etc.....
I wore a cute bird print shirt (My love for funky and cute prints never seems to cease!) Since it had a nude colour base I wore it with green cropped pants to add some spunk Threw on some accessories, comfy loafers and I was done!
Special Thanks to my brother to be patient with me and click my pictures! ;)

Colourful Beads Galore!

The Fake-Almost-Real Taj Mahal

Rollar Coaster Ride, Anyone?


* Shirt:
Pants: Zara
Accessories: Blur
Loafers: Local Store, Pune

* I've never liked putting a tag/ brand on what I wear or what I love, as I Wear it 'Because' I LOVE it. *Priceless*
Nonetheless, its honestly for you, my blog followers, in case you love something and want to own it too but don't know where to source it from! :)

On this note, I end today's blog post ... Hope you'll enjoyed reading it!
Until next time,


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