Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Goodbye Winter 2012

Ok so my favourite season is coming to an end here in India, and boy, it will be missed! :( Winter this 2012 was full of darker , richer shades like the ruling colour of the season: Oxblood. We saw military trends, plum shades, boots stockings, barooque etc and now with the advent of summers will come the lighter , more 'fun' shades! And my camera has gone for a toss! :/ Contemplating, if I should just buy a new one? Here are some pictures in stockings and boots, celebrating the last few days of the chills! :)

Dress: c/o BABE, Pune
Opaque-ish Stockings: Local Store, Geneva
Clutch: DIY -Find it: (HERE)
Accessories: Assorted
Boots: Gift worn earlier: (HERE)

Enjoy the post!
Much Love,

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