Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tete-e-Tete with the Team of TastyKhana!

So the other day I was invited to a Dinner with the team of and some Food Bloggers from Pune. I was so excited at the opportunity of meeting and interacting with new people and also to get to know a little more about the conceptualization of Being an extrovert by nature I would've walked in alone, delighted at the idea of meeting a bunch of strangers unlike a lot of people who would've squirmed at the notion haha! But nonetheless a friend of mine seemed really eager to be a part of the event and I gladly took her along.
The event venue was finalized and Malaka Spice was decided upon. Brownie Point to TastyKhana for narrowing down on Malaka spice as its one of my Favourite restaurants, owing to its delicious oriental spread.
I walked in at around 8:30pm only to be guided to a cozy, corner seating of a large table with a bunch of strangers who greeted me with happy faces! Such a delight to a people's person like me! I happened to sit down next to the CEO & Founder of, Sachin Bharadwaj.
He along with Sheldon D'souza conceptualized this venture which is fast growing! The website went live in 2007 and was founded to facilitate food ordering for the developing and evolving population in the modern day scenario. I learnt from him, that its services are operating in 8 major cities in India: Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad & Ghaziabad. It has partnered with over 5000 restaurants spreading across its national network! It offers its users, the convenience of choosing a restaurant in their area, selecting their preferred meal items by browsing through the menus on the website and by placing the order online for delivery to the desired location. As easy as that, all with the ease of a few buttons. Payments can be made online or through Cash On Delivery. They also have an accumulating online Trinket Account, created for every customer for their payment convenience. This option is also available for Corporates under Corporate Trinket Account, and Corporate Privilege Card to get discounted rates. They also offer a True Kare Guarantee where the user is protected against any discrepancies, dissatisfaction in terms of quality etc.
Moving on, we had a delicious spread of food, and here is a small glimpse of the items on the menu! The rest I was too busy gobbling to click any pictures! ;)
PS: Most of the pictures were taken in a cell phone's Night Mode hence please excuse the clarity! :)

Raw Papaya Salad

 Top Hats

Watermelon Martini

Walnut Brownie

Hope you enjoyed reading my post!
Till next time!
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