Friday, 23 May 2014



"Beauty without Virtue, is like a Rose without Scent...."

So I celebrated my 23rd birthday recently and was gifted this gorgeous peachish coral maxi dress by a very dear friend of mine. Yes! I love birthdays! Gifts Gifts Gifts! Yay! :P
This translucent maxi is ideal for summers! Be it a day of shopping with the girlfriends or a night out with that special someone, it suits all occasions aptly. Super comfortable to slip into, and photographs surprisingly well! *wink*
The sheer exterior looks fabulous with the inner lining being form & figure hugging!
I decided to carry a sleek jeweled clutch to go with the ongoing theme which I had the privilege to choose & take home during the store launch of MUAH in Pune.
Further I paired this maxi with a gorgeous necklace from Rosabelle Treasures. It happened to be one of the most versatile jewellery pieces that I've ever come across. I landed up wearing it around my neck, leaving my ears bare and pairing it up with a gold cuff. I also wore it as a bracelet as well as a headband! Talk about being multifunctional!!
It's diamonte crystal and antique finish on a dull gold base adds that vintage-y touch to the neckpiece making it a must have in every girls wardrobe, much like our loved LBDs (Little Black Dress)!!
Rosabelle Treasures, is a venture by Vasundhara Agarwal and stocks up on some fine well crafted pieces. Its basically an accessory brand with the best of handmade jewels, hair adornments and much more! Best of all: Each piece has its own speciality and no two pieces are alike!

Visit their Facebook Page HERE
Visit their Instagram Account HERE

I'm sure you won't be disappointed! ^_^

Maxi Dress: Gifted
Heels: Zara
Belt: c/o Busy Bee
Necklace: c/o Rosabelle Treasures
Clutch: c/o MUAH
Sunnies: Blur

Here's a candid shot! Rather- a blooper! :P

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Candied Summer

Summer time  is one of the most colourful times in India, owing to the colourful ice candies and the full bloom flowers! Such a treat to the eyes!

Florals have been on my mind ever since summer started setting in! I've been trying to collect as many floral pieces as possible and been making full use of them! Also, stripes being an all-time-favourite of mine, i thought of incorporating both in one outfit.

Further my white wayfarer shades added the edgy oomph factor and to top it all was my mango-sorbet yellow clutch! The colour is so fresh and apt for the summers.

I leave you with tons of pictures! ^_^

Loving the hair Bow!
This pretty hair accessory was sent to me by Bows are Wows

The location of this shoot was such an inspiration!!

My favourite picture from the bunch! (1)

My favourite picture from the bunch! (2)

Here, the shorts i wore are a total favourite! they seem to go with alot of my tops and blouses and that makes it a very versatile piece in my wardrobe.

Florals and stripes have been doing the rounds everywhere, off late and that gave me tons of inspiration to come up with a rendition of this reigning trend , myself!

The handbag mirror was randomly gifted unexpectedly from someone very special! 
Even more surprising was his choice of a Vintage-y print- my fav! Bang-On! ;)

The top with a hint of floral design around the neck, makes for an otherwise simple top. But,these two pieces put together, looked like an outfit one that would make any girl look chic and ramp-ready!

This canary yellow bag was thrifted! Who'd say?

Top & Striped Shorts: c/o Busy Bee
Wedges: used Here
Sunnies & Bag: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Belt: Gifted
Rings: Aldo, VeroModa
Earrings: Splash
Hair Bow: c/o Bows are Wows
Watch: Charles Delon

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

A Summery Affair

Morning's soft air touching everything with such care,

Caresses a young face, in a quiet secluded place.

Smile planted strong, heart beating on.
Only on thing is on her mind, and that, is summer time.

A joy reckless and wild, 
that's been in the heart of every child, 
now set within her, 
for there is no cure.
Her spirit set free, soars higher than the trees.

The books that weighed her down, 
now thrown on the ground.
The rivers cleansed from winter,
are now heated for splendor
The happiness of knowing, 
no bedtimes are set, 
and so schedules to be met.
The sun now beating within her veins washes
away all her pains.

Then without a sound, 
the sun starts to sink down.
so she heads inside, satisfied, 
until the next time.

But her spirit is just too wild and decides to wait awhile,
So it stays outside and watches the sun, 
waiting for what is to come.

The birds fall asleep the peepers start to peep,
And slowly the sunbeams caressing the mountains,
Turn them into splendorous fountains.

-Abbey Silent

Summer calls for brighter colours and my personal favourite: Florals!
Gear up to see hoards of pretty florals on my blog this summer!

Clothes, Accessories: Stylish couple- Micky & Ravneet, 100 Degress - The Boutique
Photography: Divesh Idnani from The Lumiere Project
Footwear & Sunnies: My Own
Hair & Make Up: 'Attempted by Me' :P

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Restaurant Review: Salsa

So I was invited by Rutuja to Review Salsa at The Corinthians Resort, Pune.
Situated amidst greenery, overlooking the hills of the NIBM area, this resort and club has a very scenic architecture which happens to be very 'Egyptian' inspired! It was quite a drive from where I live, all the way upto this place, but it was definitely worth it!
We entered the restaurant which was very easy to locate (the resort has other places like Doolally- 1st Brewhouse, Pyramisa- Pool Side etc so yes, there are a lot of options once you get here!) and were immediately greeted by Mr. Zakir who seated us comfortably (slightly closer to the kitchen area, probably so I could get my food quicker haha!)
I chose to try all the dishes on the menu that i was reviewing so basically the vegetarian as well as the non-vegetarian options that they had to offer.

For Appetizers,
Hare Pyaz Ki Paneer Tikka- The paneer (cottage cheese) was very soft, fresh & was prepared in a tasty marinade.
Tandoori Oregano Aloo- very innovatively used a prominent 'oregano' flavour in an otherwise Indian dish.
Hare Mutter Ki Seekh Kebab- was slightly dry but then again I tried it towards the end so I cant be sure. It was well seasoned otherwise.

(Clockwise: Hare pyaz ki paneer tikka; Tandoori oregano aloo; Hare mutter ki seekh kebab)

Murg Shole Kebab- the chicken was fresh, tender & well cooked.
Mutton Seekh Kebab was delicious! It turned out to be one of my personal favourites. The meat was moist and really well cooked.
Fish Kasundi Tikka- Being a Bengali makes me slightly biased towards fish dishes not because I love it but because Ive been brought up with alot of it around. haha! I am also a good judge of the variety. A very important thing I noticed was that the fish was good and they didn't use the usual 'Basa' but instead the use of 'Bhetki' added a lot more flavour to the mustard flavoured fish tikka!

(Clockwise: Fish kaundi tikka; Murg shole kebab; Mutton seekh kebab)

For Main Course,
Subz Dum Biryani- had tons of veggies and probably could do with a little more seasoning.
Kaju Mewa Kofta Biryani- was a treat. It was an interesting dish that I hadn't tried earlier and the kofta were chewy & delicious with bits of chillies and kaju. It surely is an interesting option for the vegetarians.
Yam Biryani- the yam was cooked to soft & tender and it tasted good.

 (Clockwise: Kaju mewa kofta biryani ; Yam biryani ; Subz dum biryani)

 (Salad Spread)

(Kaju Mewa Kofta Biryani)

Chicken Dum Biryani- was decent and well cooked. there were meaty pieces to choose from and it was tasty. Besides I love chicken so... haha!
Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani- had good chunky pieces and was soft & tender. Really well cooked and lightly spiced.
Sea Food Khazana- this was a winner! Spicey soft fish pieces along with medium sized crunchy prawns, this dish was delicious!
Mirch ka Salan as an side along with Dal Makhani and a choice of Roti/ Naan completed the fare for maincourse.

(Clockwise: Chicken dum biryani; Sea food khazana; Mutton hyderabadi biryani)

For Dessert, 
Angoori Rasmalai - was yummy! Soft and bite sized pieces. They were freshly prepared with a kesar (saffron) flavour and melted in the mouth.
Pista Ice Cream - was a regular flavoured one.

Overall I had a great experience and I really recommend this place to all my readers here!
Address:  Salsa, The Corianthns Resort, Nyati County, NIBM Annexe, Pune-60.
The resto is a multi cuisine one with an a la carte option as well.
The interiors are fabulous with a fancy jazz theme going on with their decor.

Buffet: Fri-Sat-Sun 7:30-11pm
Regular A la carte: Mon-Fri
For reservations: Zakir: 020-26952228; 26952222; 9960253868

Happy Me post my Food-Coma!
PS: Notice the dark circles, *sigh* Exams! Wish me Luck!

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