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Restaurant Review: Salsa

So I was invited by Rutuja to Review Salsa at The Corinthians Resort, Pune.
Situated amidst greenery, overlooking the hills of the NIBM area, this resort and club has a very scenic architecture which happens to be very 'Egyptian' inspired! It was quite a drive from where I live, all the way upto this place, but it was definitely worth it!
We entered the restaurant which was very easy to locate (the resort has other places like Doolally- 1st Brewhouse, Pyramisa- Pool Side etc so yes, there are a lot of options once you get here!) and were immediately greeted by Mr. Zakir who seated us comfortably (slightly closer to the kitchen area, probably so I could get my food quicker haha!)
I chose to try all the dishes on the menu that i was reviewing so basically the vegetarian as well as the non-vegetarian options that they had to offer.

For Appetizers,
Hare Pyaz Ki Paneer Tikka- The paneer (cottage cheese) was very soft, fresh & was prepared in a tasty marinade.
Tandoori Oregano Aloo- very innovatively used a prominent 'oregano' flavour in an otherwise Indian dish.
Hare Mutter Ki Seekh Kebab- was slightly dry but then again I tried it towards the end so I cant be sure. It was well seasoned otherwise.

(Clockwise: Hare pyaz ki paneer tikka; Tandoori oregano aloo; Hare mutter ki seekh kebab)

Murg Shole Kebab- the chicken was fresh, tender & well cooked.
Mutton Seekh Kebab was delicious! It turned out to be one of my personal favourites. The meat was moist and really well cooked.
Fish Kasundi Tikka- Being a Bengali makes me slightly biased towards fish dishes not because I love it but because Ive been brought up with alot of it around. haha! I am also a good judge of the variety. A very important thing I noticed was that the fish was good and they didn't use the usual 'Basa' but instead the use of 'Bhetki' added a lot more flavour to the mustard flavoured fish tikka!

(Clockwise: Fish kaundi tikka; Murg shole kebab; Mutton seekh kebab)

For Main Course,
Subz Dum Biryani- had tons of veggies and probably could do with a little more seasoning.
Kaju Mewa Kofta Biryani- was a treat. It was an interesting dish that I hadn't tried earlier and the kofta were chewy & delicious with bits of chillies and kaju. It surely is an interesting option for the vegetarians.
Yam Biryani- the yam was cooked to soft & tender and it tasted good.

 (Clockwise: Kaju mewa kofta biryani ; Yam biryani ; Subz dum biryani)

 (Salad Spread)

(Kaju Mewa Kofta Biryani)

Chicken Dum Biryani- was decent and well cooked. there were meaty pieces to choose from and it was tasty. Besides I love chicken so... haha!
Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani- had good chunky pieces and was soft & tender. Really well cooked and lightly spiced.
Sea Food Khazana- this was a winner! Spicey soft fish pieces along with medium sized crunchy prawns, this dish was delicious!
Mirch ka Salan as an side along with Dal Makhani and a choice of Roti/ Naan completed the fare for maincourse.

(Clockwise: Chicken dum biryani; Sea food khazana; Mutton hyderabadi biryani)

For Dessert, 
Angoori Rasmalai - was yummy! Soft and bite sized pieces. They were freshly prepared with a kesar (saffron) flavour and melted in the mouth.
Pista Ice Cream - was a regular flavoured one.

Overall I had a great experience and I really recommend this place to all my readers here!
Address:  Salsa, The Corianthns Resort, Nyati County, NIBM Annexe, Pune-60.
The resto is a multi cuisine one with an a la carte option as well.
The interiors are fabulous with a fancy jazz theme going on with their decor.

Buffet: Fri-Sat-Sun 7:30-11pm
Regular A la carte: Mon-Fri
For reservations: Zakir: 020-26952228; 26952222; 9960253868

Happy Me post my Food-Coma!
PS: Notice the dark circles, *sigh* Exams! Wish me Luck!

Hope you had a good time reading this post!
Till next time,
Lots of Love,

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