Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Scouting Colleges with Collegedunia

I'm almost done with my MBA studies and I have less than two months as a 'college' student! No more student discounts haha! Off late I seem to miss the initial days I spent scouting colleges before I narrowed in on one. Honestly, at that time it was a real pain to be running around, inquiring about some basic details, looking up colleges on websites etc. 

What I figured out that most of the websites did not mention the fee structures, duration of the course, timings, intake, exam details etc Thus, I had no choice but to run around for days in the hot Indian sun to find out some basic information about the colleges I was interested in.
Recently I heard about a website called Collegedunia . 

On browsing the website, I was so surprised at the amount of important, much-needed information that the website offered about all the colleges, not only in your city but all around India. 

There was information all about the fee structure (Very Important), the course duration, location, exams needed to apply etc. 

Along with that there is also a News section that offers information about the upcoming exam dates, results, syllabus, tips on how to prepare for certain exams etc! 

So basically, I just felt so lame to not have come across this website while I was hunting around for my college! So much for being all well-read and tech-savy! :/

This website is so easy to handle and user-friendly. Even though I was a tad bit too late to use it for my benefit, I will be using this for hunting down some good Arts Colleges for my cousin next year and some great Science Colleges for my brother as well! Such a boon! In case you are on the hunt for some educational information, do check out their website!

  Here's happy me saying buhbyie! Until next time!


  1. Hi
    From which college u r pursuing ur Mba.

  2. It’s just an awesome post, as always! Can’t wait to see a new one!

    Diana Cloudlet


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