Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Slice Of Summer

Its been getting really hot in Pune, well, almost 40 degrees! Yes, 40!! While we all sweat it out, summer is a great time to get out all your loose, airy clothes out, but the trick is NOT to land up looking like a total drab inspite of the clothes that are a size or two bigger! After all, no one wants to wear tight, body hugging clothing while sweating like a pig! :P
These pictures were taken by my friend Poorva before she moved to New York (why isn't there a huge sulky face emoticon here?) I would have a blast with her while we shot each other to make great outfit posts!  Not to forget all the guilt free hogging! ;)

 Also, notice how my hair is jet black here? I got them coloured a few months after that and oh, I lovvve my new hair colour! Follow me on Instagram here @envogue_madhumita to get more updates!

Loose, baggy pants have always been a staple for summers not only for its comfort factor but also for how it makes a simple, casual t-shirt look super trendy! To some of us, baggy might sound like a synonym for unflattering. Sure, models are strutting baggy and slouchy pants down the runway, but you won’t be able to pull them off walking to class, right? Not necessarily. 
Some girls shy away from looser-fitting pants because of the fear it will make them look wider, but in fact any body type can pull off baggy pants if styled right. You just have to learn to manipulate *wink* 

For example, if you want to wear pants with prints, stick to smaller prints and solid colors because larger prints will make you look bigger and solid colors will lengthen you out more than any print would. Ideally you should pair a pair of loose pants with a tighter top to balance it out but I paired a loose crop top with a loose pair of pants and still, managed to look well presented hehe! 
To complete the look, I used this dark green engraved leather sling bag which belonged to my late aunt (maasi). When I shot this look, little did I know that my aunt wont be with us the very next year... (You will be happy to know I'm using all your stuff & that I miss you!) :)

Hope you enjoyed my post on how to,
Hide all the Flab,
Avoid looking like a Drab,
And feel Fab!
Ok, that was kinda lame funny! :P

Top: Busy Bee, Pune
Pants: Brand Mart, Pune
Heels: Zara
Sunnies: Aldo Accessories
Handcuff: Primark
Bag: Prized possession that belonged to my Late Maasi :)

-Lots Of Love,

The Bombay Bronx Birthday

Although it was my birthday on 22nd April, I took some time off & dropped by at The Bombay Bronx with my blogger buddy, Aleena!

I had been hearing a lot of people going gaga over this newbie on the block of quirky restos and I could help myself! For those who haven't been here yet, it's located at City Point, Dhole Patil Road, near Mainland China. So I arrived 'fashionably late' , well, birthday-pardon me for that. 

So I did miss out on alotta dishes but I can't complain as it took me a while to soak in the place decor as well! Now, just to tell you, iv been to Mumbai a couple of times, and this place really replicated the streets of old Mumbai!! Hats off for the decor! There was a faux Paan tapri, a huge mural of Big B in the VIP section, local train route map on the ceiling mentioned places like Borivali & Andheri, chair-car train seats, Mumbai dabbawala themed tables with dabbas lined up as part of the decor! A Dhobi Ghat  inspired section with Payjama rs 30/- written in Hindi, an Iranian shanty cafe counter with biscuits and other items kept in the shelves, an EROS theatre entrance, Dharavi area at the back & of course a rickshaw selfie booth! 

This place made me fall in love with Mumbai! Coming to the food, well unfortunately I did not try most of the dishes but I did try the basa tikka & the masala fish fingers. 

The fish was fresh. Most of my fellow blogger foodies complained of the use of basa but if you ask me, for a price range of 220/- to 250/- for fish items, it's quite a bargain. Also, well, I'm a Bengali. Don't go by my dainty appearance, I know my fish. Yes all of it. So if I paid 400/- for a dish and received basa, I would be ticked off, not if I paid a mere 220/- :) so I'm definitely not complaining! As for the vada pav, I expected something new. Surprise me. I would not pay anything over 20/- for a vada pav anywhere so this better be something good. What they could have done is added something like chicken vada pav or a paneer option for the veggies, maybe that would be nicer! 
The paneer dish with paratha (sorry don't remember the exact name) was cold by the time I tried it as I was late, but it seemed nice with the paneer being cooked in a tomato flavored gravy. Fellow foodie, Nitin, did mention that I should try it when hot, yup, probably should have! :) 

Chicken lollipop was just the usual. Dongri Galli Thali, is like a mini platter with chicken roll, mutton sandwich, baida roti (yum! Reminded me of Bademiyan in Mumbai) & mutton sukha with paratha was a yummy dish and filling too but priced at 450/- I felt the portions could have been bigger. 

There were many more dishes that I did not try but maybe I will on my next visit. A must mention: Please improve on the service. I moved to another table post the blogger meet, where we paid for the dishes we ordered as another friend joined us and the service was unsatisfactory but our server did give me and my friends complimentary birthday shots so that kinda made up for it! ;)

The alcohol, brownie points for the flavours! Kalakhatta, kokum sour, paani puri caprioshka and what not! All with whiskey or vodka to make fabulous cocktails! Love!

Overall, I enjoyed myself a lot. 
Will I visit again? Yes! 
Why? The place wowed me & for the baida roti, the Dongri Galli thali, & the cocktails! 
Thank you for inviting me! My birthday was great!
And thank you to Aleena & Ashish for the pictures! :)
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Hope you guys enjoyed my review!
-Lots Of Love,

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Twice As Nice With Garnier

Garnier had this Super fun activity called #TwiceAsNice where we were asked to collaborate with a fellow blogger to draft a blog post, the theme being, 'Twice As Nice'

Through this activity I was contacted by Aleena from The Style Chair who seemed so enthusiatic that her enthusiasm rubbed onto me through the telephone haha! Such a cutie! Follow her on Instagram for more updates from her Here
Once we received the products, we decided a day to meet up to scout for the perfect outfit to wear. Finally we found the perfect outfits at Busy Bee which is a cute boutique in the by lanes of Koregaon Park, Pune!

On meeting her I realised we are two peas in a pod! Shes fun, vivacious, A huge chatterbox and oh, how can I forget to mention the funny voice modulations that she does hehe! I could tell, we were Twice As Nice already!! 
We met at the shoot location at 7.30am and there I met our fabulous photographer Ashish Gurbani who was so patient with me, trying to break the ice and get me to be comfortable in front of his camera! Also, well, he bore up with the incessant girl-chatter! kudos Ashish! Check out his cool website Here :P 

Moving onto the products!

Neem Face Wash
This is sooo refreshing! I went on a one day trip to Mahableshwar and when I got home, I was literally black (No Kidding) and my skin was oily and horribly greasy! Once I washed my face with this, it seemed like I re-gained my complexion back! Literally! its cleanses like a dream! And i really did feel rejuvenated. I've been using this regularly since!

Apricot Scrub
This is something I havent used before. Yes, I've never used a face scrub! It was a new concept for me. I loved how the beads clean my face off all the dirt after a long day at college. I don't usually get blackheads but I'm sure it helps with the blackheads part as well! Overall, a very good product!

 I'm gonna swear by these fabulous face products, what about you??

Also, isn't this dress so pretty? Love how it played so well with our theme and the location! You can purchase it Here

I think I just found myself some new friends! Thanks to Garnier! :)

Hope you enjoyed the post! Do leave your comments! :)

Dress: Busy Bee, Pune
Shoes: Zara
Sunnies: Forever 21

-Lots of Love,

Summer Ready with L'Oreal

Summer in India is so hot, its impossible to walk on the streets with layers of make up. Not that i apply much anyway but lipsticks have been my ultimate favourite make up product of all time! I go for days without even putting any kohl but a fresh nude or a pink lippie is a must for me. I feel it adds some amount of fresh brightness to my face which instantly adds a glow to my face! :D
So summers call for a non drying lip product which you can wear for hours without a touch up, right? Well thats how I prefer to wear mine! hehe! (I'm lazy that way!)

I will be talking about two L'Oreal lip products that I recently came across, one being a wet, moist, lip gloss for those who love that shine on their lips and a matte finish lippie that has no gloss or shine to it, more like a muted, everyday look.

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinaire Color Riche Liquid Lipstick in the shade Rouge Allegro

L'Oreal states that it transforms lips from ordinary to extraordinary. The color is richer, lip surface is smoother and shine is magnified. Formulated with precious micro-oils and rich color pigments, Extraordinaire provides the ideal balance of color and care for perfect lips. The unique soft-touch applicator allows for a silky-smooth, gliding application. 
"The ultimate sophistication for the most perfect lips ever. Colour Riche Extraordinaire contains five precious micro-oils to create the perfect lip result in one luxuriously comfortable step: resurfaces and smooths lips like a balm, provides colour impact of a lipstick, and gives a varnished 3-d shine effect of a gloss. The unique applicator is soft to the touch and designed for the most precise application to the lips every time. The new vision of lipcolor."

Personally I love that a gloss could be so pigmented. In one swipe you can get a gorgeous color on your lips instantly. Slightly sticky for my liking, but overall a great gloss to feel like a diva on a night out!

Well, my photography sucked as the lighting was bad. Pardon me! :/

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick in the shade Spring Rosette 

A lipstick that delivers intense moisture while providing a velvet matte finish. It contains jojoba oil for unmatched moisture and comfort along with a matte gel technology to create an ultimate matte look while keeping the lips hydrated all the while.Personally, I noticed that the lasting power of this lippie was fabulous! I swear! I eat constantly, Im always munching and chattering away and yet the lipstick stays on my lips for hours and even leaves a slight pink tint once removed!

I wear this shade A LOTTTTT! Almost every alternate day! It looks alot more subtle indoors and its great for my college seminars without looking too jazzy! :D

So Rouge Allegro is more redder (if thats even a word!) in person, its more like a mix of red and pink.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Fairness Control Moisturizing Day Cream With SPF17

For those who are looking for a fairness cream to get rid of that tan, I suggest this product. Its moisturizing without looking too oily & greasy and adds an instant shade of brightness to the face. Also reduces spots and makes the skin tone more even.

I hope you enjoyed my post with L'Oreal. Please do comment and let me know in case you try any of these products and your experience! :)

-Lots Of Love,

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Launching Femina Believe, Pune

I've been so busy submitting presentations, assignments, practicals and all that jazz. Finding time to blog and do something I love is so hard these days, now that my exams have started. Wish me luck! :(

These make up products just made it to my Lust List!

Anyway, so today I will be talking about a recent workshop I attended in Pune by Femina Believe. So I really cannot do make up for nuts. All I usually apply is BB cream, kohl and a lipstick. I love lipsticks by the way, If you guys dont already know, hehe!
You only get one chance to make a first impression. From social interactions to professional, this old saying holds true even today. Femina Believe Personality Development Workshops are short intensive courses that enhance skills required to turn first encounters into impressive ones. They have workshops in a variety of subjects pertaining to personality enhancement, ranging from make up apllication to dining etiquettes to effective communication skills and body language. They not only polish participant's skills but also help them shine in any setting. This is achieved by imparting practical knowledge which increases flair, sophistication & confidence.
The make up workshop I attended was on  how to do your make up during the hot summers, when everyone hits the beaches, catches some turf and sips on some fresh Pina Colada! 

So thats my concentrating face! haha!

The summers demand one to look good despite the sweltering heat and its very important for someone like me, who is super lazy to go through the layers of patient application of make up and end up looking tired or with horrible dark circles! :/

Oh, well, Spot Me?

This make up workshop was such a blessing as International make up artist, Amrit Kaur who is also a trainer with Femina Believe, shared some great make up tips and tricks that would make me feel like a sun goddess! 

Amrit Kaur

The four looks shown by her were, Natural Glow for those days when you need to run around college or errands, Bright Bronze for a night out or a dinner party, Flower Power for those fun summery sunday brunches with friends and Amazing Azure for those vacation days when you hit the beach! 

Creating a lovely look on Blogger Shanaya

Spring inspired look on Blogger Natasha

I learnt a lot of awesome easy-peasy tricks that I'm definitely going to apply! I leave you with some pictures! Oh, did I tell you we had some yummy bites as well? ;)


The workshops are conducted in Pune, Mumbai & Delhi. Read more about all of it on
The event was held to showcase some of L'oreal's latest products which we were also given in a super cute goodie bag! I will be talking about the products in one of the upcoming posts.

 Posing with the cute goodie bags!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading! Stay tuned for the second part where I talk about the goodies by L'oreal that I received from Femina Believe.