Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Slice Of Summer

Its been getting really hot in Pune, well, almost 40 degrees! Yes, 40!! While we all sweat it out, summer is a great time to get out all your loose, airy clothes out, but the trick is NOT to land up looking like a total drab inspite of the clothes that are a size or two bigger! After all, no one wants to wear tight, body hugging clothing while sweating like a pig! :P
These pictures were taken by my friend Poorva before she moved to New York (why isn't there a huge sulky face emoticon here?) I would have a blast with her while we shot each other to make great outfit posts!  Not to forget all the guilt free hogging! ;)

 Also, notice how my hair is jet black here? I got them coloured a few months after that and oh, I lovvve my new hair colour! Follow me on Instagram here @envogue_madhumita to get more updates!

Loose, baggy pants have always been a staple for summers not only for its comfort factor but also for how it makes a simple, casual t-shirt look super trendy! To some of us, baggy might sound like a synonym for unflattering. Sure, models are strutting baggy and slouchy pants down the runway, but you won’t be able to pull them off walking to class, right? Not necessarily. 
Some girls shy away from looser-fitting pants because of the fear it will make them look wider, but in fact any body type can pull off baggy pants if styled right. You just have to learn to manipulate *wink* 

For example, if you want to wear pants with prints, stick to smaller prints and solid colors because larger prints will make you look bigger and solid colors will lengthen you out more than any print would. Ideally you should pair a pair of loose pants with a tighter top to balance it out but I paired a loose crop top with a loose pair of pants and still, managed to look well presented hehe! 
To complete the look, I used this dark green engraved leather sling bag which belonged to my late aunt (maasi). When I shot this look, little did I know that my aunt wont be with us the very next year... (You will be happy to know I'm using all your stuff & that I miss you!) :)

Hope you enjoyed my post on how to,
Hide all the Flab,
Avoid looking like a Drab,
And feel Fab!
Ok, that was kinda lame funny! :P

Top: Busy Bee, Pune
Pants: Brand Mart, Pune
Heels: Zara
Sunnies: Aldo Accessories
Handcuff: Primark
Bag: Prized possession that belonged to my Late Maasi :)

-Lots Of Love,

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