Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Bombay Bronx Birthday

Although it was my birthday on 22nd April, I took some time off & dropped by at The Bombay Bronx with my blogger buddy, Aleena!

I had been hearing a lot of people going gaga over this newbie on the block of quirky restos and I could help myself! For those who haven't been here yet, it's located at City Point, Dhole Patil Road, near Mainland China. So I arrived 'fashionably late' , well, birthday-pardon me for that. 

So I did miss out on alotta dishes but I can't complain as it took me a while to soak in the place decor as well! Now, just to tell you, iv been to Mumbai a couple of times, and this place really replicated the streets of old Mumbai!! Hats off for the decor! There was a faux Paan tapri, a huge mural of Big B in the VIP section, local train route map on the ceiling mentioned places like Borivali & Andheri, chair-car train seats, Mumbai dabbawala themed tables with dabbas lined up as part of the decor! A Dhobi Ghat  inspired section with Payjama rs 30/- written in Hindi, an Iranian shanty cafe counter with biscuits and other items kept in the shelves, an EROS theatre entrance, Dharavi area at the back & of course a rickshaw selfie booth! 

This place made me fall in love with Mumbai! Coming to the food, well unfortunately I did not try most of the dishes but I did try the basa tikka & the masala fish fingers. 

The fish was fresh. Most of my fellow blogger foodies complained of the use of basa but if you ask me, for a price range of 220/- to 250/- for fish items, it's quite a bargain. Also, well, I'm a Bengali. Don't go by my dainty appearance, I know my fish. Yes all of it. So if I paid 400/- for a dish and received basa, I would be ticked off, not if I paid a mere 220/- :) so I'm definitely not complaining! As for the vada pav, I expected something new. Surprise me. I would not pay anything over 20/- for a vada pav anywhere so this better be something good. What they could have done is added something like chicken vada pav or a paneer option for the veggies, maybe that would be nicer! 
The paneer dish with paratha (sorry don't remember the exact name) was cold by the time I tried it as I was late, but it seemed nice with the paneer being cooked in a tomato flavored gravy. Fellow foodie, Nitin, did mention that I should try it when hot, yup, probably should have! :) 

Chicken lollipop was just the usual. Dongri Galli Thali, is like a mini platter with chicken roll, mutton sandwich, baida roti (yum! Reminded me of Bademiyan in Mumbai) & mutton sukha with paratha was a yummy dish and filling too but priced at 450/- I felt the portions could have been bigger. 

There were many more dishes that I did not try but maybe I will on my next visit. A must mention: Please improve on the service. I moved to another table post the blogger meet, where we paid for the dishes we ordered as another friend joined us and the service was unsatisfactory but our server did give me and my friends complimentary birthday shots so that kinda made up for it! ;)

The alcohol, brownie points for the flavours! Kalakhatta, kokum sour, paani puri caprioshka and what not! All with whiskey or vodka to make fabulous cocktails! Love!

Overall, I enjoyed myself a lot. 
Will I visit again? Yes! 
Why? The place wowed me & for the baida roti, the Dongri Galli thali, & the cocktails! 
Thank you for inviting me! My birthday was great!
And thank you to Aleena & Ashish for the pictures! :)
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Hope you guys enjoyed my review!
-Lots Of Love,

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