Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Twice As Nice With Garnier

Garnier had this Super fun activity called #TwiceAsNice where we were asked to collaborate with a fellow blogger to draft a blog post, the theme being, 'Twice As Nice'

Through this activity I was contacted by Aleena from The Style Chair who seemed so enthusiatic that her enthusiasm rubbed onto me through the telephone haha! Such a cutie! Follow her on Instagram for more updates from her Here
Once we received the products, we decided a day to meet up to scout for the perfect outfit to wear. Finally we found the perfect outfits at Busy Bee which is a cute boutique in the by lanes of Koregaon Park, Pune!

On meeting her I realised we are two peas in a pod! Shes fun, vivacious, A huge chatterbox and oh, how can I forget to mention the funny voice modulations that she does hehe! I could tell, we were Twice As Nice already!! 
We met at the shoot location at 7.30am and there I met our fabulous photographer Ashish Gurbani who was so patient with me, trying to break the ice and get me to be comfortable in front of his camera! Also, well, he bore up with the incessant girl-chatter! kudos Ashish! Check out his cool website Here :P 

Moving onto the products!

Neem Face Wash
This is sooo refreshing! I went on a one day trip to Mahableshwar and when I got home, I was literally black (No Kidding) and my skin was oily and horribly greasy! Once I washed my face with this, it seemed like I re-gained my complexion back! Literally! its cleanses like a dream! And i really did feel rejuvenated. I've been using this regularly since!

Apricot Scrub
This is something I havent used before. Yes, I've never used a face scrub! It was a new concept for me. I loved how the beads clean my face off all the dirt after a long day at college. I don't usually get blackheads but I'm sure it helps with the blackheads part as well! Overall, a very good product!

 I'm gonna swear by these fabulous face products, what about you??

Also, isn't this dress so pretty? Love how it played so well with our theme and the location! You can purchase it Here

I think I just found myself some new friends! Thanks to Garnier! :)

Hope you enjoyed the post! Do leave your comments! :)

Dress: Busy Bee, Pune
Shoes: Zara
Sunnies: Forever 21

-Lots of Love,

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  1. Hi Madhumita ,
    That statement cuffs from “Primark” did it! We regret for missing a bunch of pop art coffee mugs (India Circus) and yellow crop top (A Slice of Summer)!

    Couldn’t help falling for those pair of neon dress shoes! And you people’s quest for style is way too obvious on your floral dress (Twice as Nice with Garnier)…

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