Sunday, 31 May 2015

Cafe Diaries

Being an ardent reader and follower of fashion, I've always been a fan of pictures clicked in cafes. I can't seem to figure out the exact reason for my obsession but its a love I'm surely guilty of!

I shot this look a while back with two young & fun photographers Shweta Patil & Gorkey Patwal

Cafe Columbia, a quaint cafe, set in the posh neighbourhood of Kalyani Nagar was the perfect set up for this shoot. I wore my causal knee ripped denims, a crochet top and a bright canary yellow clutch! I only wore some blue feather earrings in one ear, braided my hair to one side & I was good to go! 

A great look for running errands or some quiet Me-Time with some coffee for company! I bet all the coffee lovers out there love their Me-Time! Well, I'm not much of a coffee fan to be honest so I stuck to my ice tea! Besides its soooo hot in Pune! Indian summers, I tell you! *rolls eyes* Haha! ;) I leave you with some pictures!

Due credits to the two photographers, Shweta & Gorkey. It wasn't easy shooting as it was nearing noon and reflections as well as shadows were our main problem after all, we were working with glass windows! Great job guys! :)

Denims: Only
Top: Babe, Pune
Clutch: Koovs
Sunglasses: Lolas Closet
Heels: Zara 

Hope you'll enjoyed my post!
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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lazy Days With IndiaCircus

With the advent of the hot summers, I prefer plonking myself in the comfort of my bed, and lazing around the whole day. It is almost 40 degrees in Pune! Can you believe that? the only thing that keeps me up and awake, are cups of hot chocolate. Yes, yes, I know its too hot for hot chocolate but it actually manages to keep me awake! :P

I got these pretty mugs from IndiaCircus to help fuel my hot chocolate cravings. The transparent one is my favourite! The sun shines through the glass as I sit by my window to finish my drink! Check them out Here

The other mug was a gift for my little brother to have his protein shakes haha! Yup, he's 16 and totally into building a good body for his 6'2" frame!

Find this mug Here and its on 20% off too!

IndiaCircus products are designed by the very talented Krsna Mehta. The designs are earthy, rustic and I love how they appeal to the Desi girl in me! I absolutely love the designs! From table runners to crockery to coasters to cushion covers! I have them all stacked up at home! A tip: their cushion covers are lovelyyyy! I have these gorgeous bright blue ones with swans on them, on a brown velvet couch and they look fabulous! Will share a picture soon! :) As for now I leave you with some lazy & fuzzy pictures of me and my hot chocolate clicked so wonderfully by my friend & ace photographer, Ruchika! Aren't the pictures gorgeous? Check out her work Here ;)

Hope you enjoyed my post!
Denim Shirt: American Eagle
Watch: Fossil
On My Lips: Wet n Wild - Red Velvet
On My Nails: Maybelline Tenue Strong Pro Technologie Gel - Forever Red

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