Friday, 19 June 2015

Print Clash

The summers have almost come to an end now, with the rain clouds just coming in. I did crib about the immense heat and tanning but I'm sure I will miss the season till it comes in again next year! Well, best part about these monsoons though is that my best friend, Poorva is in town! Yay! Something to look forward to inspite of the rains! First thing we did, is meet and hog some dishes that have been a staple to us - Patacon Pisao & Nasi Goreng! Yum! Also, what a welcome coz we lost our phones while shooting this look along with our bags! Yes, Don't Ask!! But we managed to nab the person in time and get them back!

As, for my outfit here, the crop top and skirt is from a lovely boutique tucked away in Lane 7, Koregaon Park, Pune. I loved styling these two clashing prints together!! Busy Bee, is usually where you will find me every Monday evening to help you out with your style queries! Housing some chic pieces from bustiers to maxi dresses and skirts, this is a one-stop-shop for all your style requirements! Whats more? The owner, Sanjana is a delight to have around in case you need any help with what to wear..., where!! All you girls, who aren't from Pune, follow her page on Facebook HERE & her Instagram account @busybeeforever to contact her and purchase the stuff online!! ;) You can also alternatively contact me via mail on & I shall guide you further!

So moving on, those who follow my Instagram account know that I was in Goa in May for a friend's wedding! It was a small getaway & oh boy, it was sooo hot in the month of May. The wedding was crazy fun and it was the first time I attended a destination wedding! I wish my friends, Roshan & Anshu a super happy life ahead!
Well now, some people rave about dusky complexion and some don't really go gaga over it. As for me, I'm not sure what I love more, fair skin or dusky? I personally, am fair skinned. I guess?! Though I've grown a lot darker after I started with MBA college about two years back! I know, weird logic but whatever haha! Actually, neither am I dusky nor wheatish, but on the fairer side, so well, lets just say I'm the best of both worlds haha! So in these pictures, I've tanned slightly and I loved how I look in the pictures!! 

While in Goa, under the harsh summer sun on the beach, It was hard to avoid the tan. What I noticed, inspite of using sunscreen lotions, I still usually tan slightly. Its something that's pretty inevitable. But, what I hate is the way my skin feels after the application of the sunscreen lotions. My skin feels oily, sticky and somehow I feel even more hot after applying the lotions. I hate that feeling! When the peeps at Avene India sent me this before my trip to Goa, I was excited to try it. I applied Avene Tres Haute Protection Emulsion SPF 50+ Sunscreen, thankfully I didn't get sunburnt. All credits go to the French company, Avene for that. I did tan slightly though, since the summer sun in Goa in the month of May is too harsh for even the highest of SPFs. This tan, is lovely. It doesn't make me look dark and still gives me that lovely glowy bronzed look. If it wasn't for Avene, I probably would have returned to Pune with sun burnt skin! Yes, literally sunburnt! The tan is even, not patchy, and Its very slight which is great! Probably when used in less hotter climates, it will not let you tan even slightly. Highly recommend this product. Priced at 1250/-, it is slightly steep but totally worth the money spent on it. Check out their website HERE

Top, Skirt: Busy Bee
Bag: Mg Road, Pune
Shoes: Forever 21
Sunnies: Zara
Necklace: Tibetan Market, Nainital
Swarovski Ring: Ziveg 

Hope you enjoyed this post as I really had a great time shooting for this look!
Till next time,
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