Friday, 28 August 2015

How to Rock Denim during the Monsoons!

I know rains are welcomed by many but I’ve grown up disliking the monsoon season. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always hated getting wet in the rain. While my friends gleefully jumped around, splashing the dirty brown puddle water, you would find me standing far away, alone in a corner, trying to shove every inch of my body inside my favourite (ironically) umbrella print raincoat!
Fast forward to today, and I still dislike the rains, well not as much as I did while growing up, but yet, trust me, I’m the last one to agree to make plans and head out on a dull rainy day! And to add to the drama, well, I can’t drive! Tragedy of my life haha! Or rather, just me procrastinating *hiding my face* So I have my own little two wheeler best buddy and well, Uber, Ola & Meru cab services and I have a love-hate relationship, If you get what I mean lol! I quite hate them actually but sadly, it’s the need of the hour.

One more aspect I dislike about the monsoons, is that the days are so dull & gloomy, its not difficult to perpetually be in a sour mood. And I've always been a 'Denim Girl' 

I hate that the rains make me stay away from my comfort clothing: Denims, as they tend to get heavy and stick to the body in the moist season. But, when I found this denim skirt from SR Store, I immediately got it for myself. 

The length was just right, The rips made it trendy enough, it was high waisted with buttons so it went perfectly with my cropped tops and was super comfortable with the pockets etc.

Sr Store is LOVE! I'm serious! They have tons and tons of accessories & clothing options! One is really spoilt for choice! Go check it out! 

My love for accessorizing takes a backseat during the monsoons with so much moisture around I like to keep the accessories minimal. Here I wore a sleek earring on one ear, a ring, carried a metallic bag and some sleek silver heels. And I'm ready for a rainy day lunch date!
PS: White shirt & Denim, isn't that a match made in heaven?

Skirt: Sr Store (HERE)
Shirt: Topshop
Clutch: Vajor (HERE)
Ring: Forever 21
Heels: Busy Bee, Pune
Cat Eye Frames: Picked off the Streets
Earrings: Exhibition in Amanora, Pune

I really hope you enjoyed this post!
Do notice how the weather added to the gloomy, rainy day feel in my pictures!
I loved that! :)
Till, next time,
Lots of Love,


  1. Liked ur Instagram pics... A word of advice... Get a flat tummy before u go all close up on ur stomach. Nice blog btw.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Try wearing a denim skirt with 4 buttons on the front. Even if you had a flat tummy it won't look flat anymore. Secondly, What's with the Body Shaming? Don't you love yourself enough cz only those who don't, go around shaming others. I pity you. Thirdly, we Indians are curvy women, and Boy, had I not been curvy, I'd proudly give anything to not be a skanky malnourished woman LOL. I love my curves!
      Thanks for stopping by, but you can take your Hate elsewhere! Ciao!

  2. Hey! Quick qstn SRSTORE really does hav awesome stuff but their policies seem a lil sketchy. No returns or exchanges, if a product is available it can be out of stock and you will be notified of the same within 6 days!!!!!?!!!! So was wondering if they are legit and the stuff on the site is actually what you get. The stuff really looks awesome!!


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