Thursday, 22 October 2015

Easy Peasy Grocery Shopping via Peppertap

Since I got done with my MBA in Finance I've always been on the go, contrary to what I had expected. I expected myselfto be lazing around at home and lounging the whole day in my PJs. Yes, I do have such days too (we all do, don't we?) but I had a good one month till I joined my new work place and I regularly kept myself busy with something or the other. 

In between all the knick-knack chores, blog work, running errands etc I had to get grocery and basic necessities that I needed for home since my parents were travelling and I was on the go constantly! Peppertap was an app I stumbled onto during the same time and I'm really hooked! *_*

It has everything! From grocery to bath/ beauty items to breakfast goodies like cheese sticks (om-nom-nom) and tons morethat too delivered to your home address while you shop sitting in the comfort of your own house! Now isn't that just awesome?

It's user friendly and offers various special discounts like a 20% off on your first purchase using the code 'TAP20' and a minimum purchase of only 250/- INR to avail the Free Home Delivery service! 

To be honest, initially when I heard about this app through a friend, I was doubtful but after using it for a couple of days I can really vouch for it! 

So if you love fresh veggies or you need to get yourself a new pack of yummy cheese, get ordering! Trust me! I actually sit in my PJs and order all that I need right till my doorstep! ;)

Hope you guys enjoyed my post and review for Peppertap!

You can download the app here:

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Style Icon 2015 : Grooming Sessions

Phoenix Marketcity Pune held their very own contest, Style Icon 2015 which was going on for quite some time now & unfortunately I could not attend the Grooming Sessions as I was tied up at work so my friend, Aleena from The Style Chair paid a visit to check out the Phoenix Style Icon Rehearsals! It must have been fun to watch all the contestants gearing up, their happiness, excitement & even nervousness for the big day ahead!!

For those of you'll who don't know, I was a contestant myself a few years ago at similar pageants and missing these grooming sessions was just plain sad, specially after I heard all that Aleena had to tell me after her visit! Wish I could make it!

Style Icon 2015 was a special pageant indeed! There was an age limit of 50! Thus allowing a vast number of people to participate! To make it easier to judge, there sectioned off the contestants into groups of three: Group A comprising of 18-27 year olds,  Group B comprising 28-37 year olds, Group C comprising of 38-50 year olds. This not only made the judging much easier, but also gave everyone an equal opportunity to contest! Aleena met contestants from different groups & she told me that she couldnt tell them apart at all! They were so full of life! "AGE" really is only a "NUMBER"!

Choreographer Shakir Sheikh, he seemed to have done a fabulous job with the choreography for the ramp walk in just four days. I was present for the show on the 16th and trust me, the choreography was impeccable! 

Some very interesting sequences were conceptualized & for a fashion enthusiast like Aleena, she said she couldn't help smiling & watching intently! Even the discussions between the choreographer & the contestants were fun to witness because it was like the contestants were like little school students then!! The contestants even had motivational talks by Manish Rai Singhani & Panchi (of silver screen- Sasural Simar ka fame). Damn, wish I'd gone along with Aleena! :(

She spoke to a few contestants & also took videos while the rehearsal was on! It’s just fun to watch all the contestants in action. Check out her YouTube channel: @THESTYLECHAIR for fun videos!

Don't forget to check out her website: for this article and images & of course her Instagram: @misschopchop :) 

Thank you for the images Aleena!

Picture Credits: Aleena Mackar

Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more articles and event coverage across my city, Pune! :)

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Creme de la Creme: Couture Du Jour

The month of October has been a favourite with me since my kiddy days. It marks the onset of all the festivities in India where we celebrate every festival with so much gusto! (PS: there are so many public holidays during this period and the celebrations go on even at my work place!! Yay!)
Today marked the first day of Dussera in India and being a Bengali this period is a very auspicious one for me and my family. Also, its one of the best excuses to get out all my Indian traditional wear and put them to good use if not over-use haha! 
Personally, I celebrate Durga Puja where for us Bengalis the celebrations begin from the sixth day onwards (known as : Shoshti) Basically, Goddess Durga, whom we worship with all our heart, returns to her mother's house after her victorious win over the Demon (known as : Mahishashur). We celebrate these four days with pomp and rejoice (not to forget: Eat the yummiest food EVER!) and basically make merry before the idol of our Goddess is immersed in water again: Visarjan (symbolising Durga's return to her husband, Shiva in the Himalayas).
I hope you enjoyed reading a little about my culture, something that is very close to my heart & very proud of too! I leave you with some pictures of this gorgeous outfit i picked to wear during one of the four days of my Durga Puja. 

Its by a designer, Nainpreet and her collection will be displayed in Pune at an exhibition tomorrow at:
Couture Du Jour 
Taj Vivanta, 
Blue Diamond, 
Koregaon Park, 

Do drop by as there will be a fabulous fashion show in the evening to keep you entertained while you shop, enjoying a glass of delicious wine! 

In case you're interested to be a part of the event or showcase your own collection, 
* Dheeren Jagwani: 9763777773
* Nikita Malhotra: 9922815678

There is a special section catering to all your Bride-To-Be requirements like Trousseau packing, clutches, wedding outfits, jewellery etc

Do you like the pictures? I shot them on my way to work today morning (Haha! Talk about Multitasking! :P) These fabulous  images were clicked by the super adorbs, Kruthika Pillai!

Outfit: Nainpreet
Heels: Intoto
Earrings, Ring: Clover Centre, Pune 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Quirk It Up: Style Icon 2015

How many of you'll follow the reigning trends blindly and how many of you'll love experimenting with your own personal style? Personally, I love experimenting, with trends, colours, styles, structures, shapes and almost everything! Quirky clothing isn't particularly my style but once in a while its a refreshing change! I love colourblocking different pieces with different colours and putting fun looks together! Experimenting with one's style and feeling confident in your own skin is a key to being a true Style Icon!

Phoenix Marketcity, Pune, has been auditioning tons of people and their entries for their annual Style Icon event. The final 30 contestants were announced yesterday, divided into three groups: Group A, Group B, Group C. These finalists will now compete for the esteemed title of Pune's Style Icon, 2015!

Here are some tips to style yourself if you are one of those lucky 30!
I wore a colourful, printed dress here, and paired it up with coloured accessories. Now, the usual, common thing that people opt for while wearing a heavily printed dress is, sticking to neutral shades for the accessories like, beige, black, nude pink, or the plain old white! I went a little quirky and experimented with the colours red and yellow to pair them - Together!! Yes, Together!!
I carried a red clutch and wore yellow heels and however weird that may sound, I was very pleased with the way the entire look turned out to be!
The trick lies in matching your accessories with any colour or colours that are already on the dress. Here, red and yellow colour influences were lesser as compared to the abundant blue and purple and so I chose to go with red and yellow. Had I chosen blue or purple it would have looked too jarring and over the top use of the colour blue / purple. So this is how I chose my accessories to match a printed, colourful dress!
Hope these tips were useful to you all! Stay tuned for more!

Check Mate: Couture Du Jour

Monochrome has always been a favourite of mine and I try to incorporate a lot of it in my daily life as well. Recently, I came across a designer whose work was quirky, fun & classy, all rolled in one and her designs would surely make you look like a million bucks! Besides Pune hardly has any good designers so it was great to get to know of her. Nilakshi Idnani Khatan has her own label: Nilakkshii. With clients from all over, shes based in Pune (Adress: Shop #C2, Virwani Plaza, Next to Bombay Garage, East Street, Camp, Pune-411001) and you can find her on facebook as well Here 
For all the people who aren't from my lovely city here's her phone number: (020-26333959) or check out her website Here

She will be showcasing her collection in Pune at Couture Du Juor (Check out the Event page Here), a multi designer exhibition & couture fashion show, on the 14th of October, 2015 (Wednesday) from 11am to 8pm at Taj Vivanta, Blue Diamond, Koregaon Park, Pune-1.

For all the Pune peeps, You guys have to pay a visit to the Couture Du Juor exhibition on the 14th of this month! Its a one of a kind exhibition with a Couture Fashion Show showcasing the fabulous collection of all the participating designers and some sneak peeks of their latest collections as well! They have a special section catering to all you Bridezillas prepping up for the upcoming wedding season too! From wedding lehengas to accessories to specialists at trousseau packaging this place has got to be a Bride-To-Be's one stop destination for all of it! And for the rest, the wine and the fashion show should be enough to confirm your presence! ;)

From Nilakkshii, Tanvie Kishore, Pesca Clothing, Chiraag Dattani, Velvet Dori to Vilvin Sabu and many more, be sure to catch some of the best on the 14th of October! Surely, Couture Du Juor (Koo-tyoor Doo Zhoor) is a One Stop Destination for Fashion OF the people, BY the people & FOR the people!

In case you're interested to be a part of the event or showcase your own collection, 
* Dheeren Jagwani: 9763777773
* Nikita Malhotra: 9922815678

All these fabulous pictures were taken by Kruthika Pillai :)

  Outfit: Nilakkshii
Heels: Soleplay by Sabah
Clutch: Vajor