Sunday, 18 October 2015

Style Icon 2015 : Grooming Sessions

Phoenix Marketcity Pune held their very own contest, Style Icon 2015 which was going on for quite some time now & unfortunately I could not attend the Grooming Sessions as I was tied up at work so my friend, Aleena from The Style Chair paid a visit to check out the Phoenix Style Icon Rehearsals! It must have been fun to watch all the contestants gearing up, their happiness, excitement & even nervousness for the big day ahead!!

For those of you'll who don't know, I was a contestant myself a few years ago at similar pageants and missing these grooming sessions was just plain sad, specially after I heard all that Aleena had to tell me after her visit! Wish I could make it!

Style Icon 2015 was a special pageant indeed! There was an age limit of 50! Thus allowing a vast number of people to participate! To make it easier to judge, there sectioned off the contestants into groups of three: Group A comprising of 18-27 year olds,  Group B comprising 28-37 year olds, Group C comprising of 38-50 year olds. This not only made the judging much easier, but also gave everyone an equal opportunity to contest! Aleena met contestants from different groups & she told me that she couldnt tell them apart at all! They were so full of life! "AGE" really is only a "NUMBER"!

Choreographer Shakir Sheikh, he seemed to have done a fabulous job with the choreography for the ramp walk in just four days. I was present for the show on the 16th and trust me, the choreography was impeccable! 

Some very interesting sequences were conceptualized & for a fashion enthusiast like Aleena, she said she couldn't help smiling & watching intently! Even the discussions between the choreographer & the contestants were fun to witness because it was like the contestants were like little school students then!! The contestants even had motivational talks by Manish Rai Singhani & Panchi (of silver screen- Sasural Simar ka fame). Damn, wish I'd gone along with Aleena! :(

She spoke to a few contestants & also took videos while the rehearsal was on! It’s just fun to watch all the contestants in action. Check out her YouTube channel: @THESTYLECHAIR for fun videos!

Don't forget to check out her website: for this article and images & of course her Instagram: @misschopchop :) 

Thank you for the images Aleena!

Picture Credits: Aleena Mackar

Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more articles and event coverage across my city, Pune! :)

Lots of Love,

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