Thursday, 26 November 2015

Pajama Party

Today I wanted to tell you guys all about my new schedule as I finally entered the big bad world of the corporate life!! As many of you guys already know that I had been studying MBA over the past two years and I finally begun my corporate career as a Financial Analyst in an international company, finding time for myself was getting tougher and tougher day by day. I leave home by 9.45am and get home by 7.30pm from Monday to Friday, leaving little energy and time for personal work. I loved parties and going out with friends, hehe, still do, but I knew that life had to take a backseat to pave way for a new life all together! A life which gave me so much respect, independence & knowledge! So should I really complain? ;) Nope!!

One thing that corporate life instills in you is the value of Time. I've gotten so much more organized, trying to manage both my work and personal life together. Once I get home and change into my favourite PJ's from Pretty Secrets (Find them & more options right HERE), all I wish to do is laze around and chit-chat with my family. Post dinner, I go over my blog and do some brainstorming as to what I need to do for my blog etc, read a book, talk to my boyfie and go to bed after a productive day. *sigh* :D


Weekends are divided between friends, family, my dear blog-world friends & myself (duh!) I go out for snacks or dinner with my colleagues on Friday night, party & chill with friends on Saturdays, pamper myself on Sundays and do my photoshoots as well! Isn't my week super packed?? Absolutely love my schedule!!
MSM box sent me some fabulous products like rose fragrance infused soap & some lovely face masks to help me pamper myself! Check them out HERE !!

Time Management is something that is really helping me these days, and as I try to share almost every detail I can with all you cuties out there, I hope I can be of some help in some way! You guys can mail me anytime to connect with me & I'm here to help! :)

Night Suit: Pretty Secrets
Mug: India Circus


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Fun Sized

With NH7 Weekender, Pune dates drawing closer, I decided to style a simple muscle tee and talk about various  ways one can wear them for totally different looks altogether! The Muscle Tee is a staple, much like its fun, far cousin - The Crop Top! You can pair it off differently and create so many fun, street style outfits! 

From Grunge to Glamour or Hipster to Hippie, take your pick! For the ones who want to go the Sexy way, try on your muscle tee with faded, ripped denim shorts or go the chic way by pairing a muscle tee with a flowy maxi skirt or a tight mini leather one. Heading out for a round of drinks with that hot guy in office? Tuck your muscle tee inside a formal, high waist pencil skirt & throw on a blazer while you work during the day and lose the blazer as you head out for a fun night full of cocktails! 

Don't forget to experiment with accessories. Remember, they can make or break your look! With the music festival as our theme I reccomend beanies in bright colours to go with basic coloured muscle tees and vice versa since Pune tends to get chilly during the months of December & January. Boots make a great addition to an outfit comprising a plain muscle tee with skinny jeans or sneakers with distressed cut-offs. If you prefer wearing your muscle tee with a pencil skirt or a leather mini, put on those sexy pointy toe pumps or go in for strappy sandals with a flowing maxi skirt.

Bags aren't too far behind. Carry a cool leather or canvas rucksack with shorts or ripped denims, a sling bag with the maxi and carry a sleek clutch with the fitted mini or the pencil skirt and you're good to go!!
Here I wore a white muscle tee from Simply Moda by Noopur Kalra. I was heading out for a casual lunch followed by an evening movie with my girls at a multiplex and later planned on having a quiet dinner with my boyfriend. I wore my muscle tee with ripped denims & a plain pair of flat espadrilles so I could walk around & be comfortable and changed into a pair of mustard yellow pumps for my dinner date thereafter to go with my mustard, red & blue sling bag! Lunch to Dinner in minutes!

I can't help but mention that my Daniel Wellington NATO Strap watch has become quite a staple for me! Its sleek & simple design has me totally hooked. I can literally wear it right from office to my saturday night plans with friends! Super versatile! Check out their website for some more fabulous designs & take your pick! And yes! They ship to India!! ;)

For the ones who're wondering how tall I am reading the slogan on the tee, I'm just 5'3". But heyyyy, I'm Fun Sized! Hahaha! I guess I went on my mommy genetically, as my dad is 5'9", younger brother is 6'2" and my granddad was 6' !! I was a scrawny little child when I was little but was always tall for my age. As I grew older and hit adolescence, my growth just slowed down till it just stopped! Ooopsy! Though I love the height difference with my boyfie as I actually get to wear the prettiest heels ever and my legs looks hot as f**k! What I'm trying to say, is we gotta love ourselves & be comfortable with our own body, isn't it?! Hehe!
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Tee: Simply Moda by Noopur Kalra
Denims: Only, India
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bag: Holii Accessories

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