Saturday, 13 February 2016

Will You Be My Valentine?

I hate that people keep asking me whom I'm going on a 'date' with this Valentine's Day. Why do we girls HAVE to celebrate V-Day by going on a 'Date' with a boy? Does the concept of 'Love' revolve only around a partner from the opposite sex? 

Many of you all probably don't know that I was in an awesome relationship with an even more awesome person which didn't work out in my favour and he left even though I loved him immensely. This was my second relationship & probably my last one for the next couple of years! Thankfully, I've finally moved on & I'm happily single! My love, hereon is TRAVEL! ;) 

I'm working (super hard) and earning whatever I can, just to go off exploring far off places to meet different people, cultures, art, architecture, food & more! 

Will you follow me on my wanderlust journey?

Today I wanted to share a piece of my mind with my lovely readers here. Why is every Valentine's Day associated with only a 'LOVER' ?? Why can't we humans, just celebrate 'LOVE' as it is? I love my mom, my dad, my little brother & my dear pet dog. Why can't we celebrate our love for all of them too? How many of us have expressed our love for our family for their immense support in our good or bad times? How many of us have expressed our love for our close friends who have stuck by us when we were at our horrible best & weren't capable of giving any companionship at all? It's so sad that for Valentine's Day most of the stores only sell merchandise expressing love for a lover / partner and not the rest of the people who probably deserve it more?! 

I know, all this may sound pretty random , but this thought just struck me out of the blue while I was browsing some store selling cute stuff for V-Day & I couldn't help but pen down my views here for you guys. As for my Valentine's Day plan, I'm going out for an awesome Sunday Brunch with my girl pals, cooking a meal for my family at home for dinner & treating myself to an awesome spa! BINGO! Isn't that the perfect way to show your love for your friends, family & most importantly, YOURSELF? 

This gorgeous dress is one I picked up for myself from Chicwish! I've already spoken about them in my previous posts Here & Here !! Go check out the website and I bet you won't be disappointed!
My fabulous watch which happened to match my outfit is by Daniel Wellington. Check out their awesome watches Here

Pictures were shot by Kruthika Pillai of course!! Isn't her work awesome? ;)

Dress: Chicwish
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Heels: Local Boutique, Pune 

 Happy Valentine's Day, dear ones! Spend the day wisely! ;)
Hope you appreciate my thoughts!
Sorry if I offended anyone :)
Till next time,
Lots of Love,

Mad about Marsala - How To Style A Flared Skirt

In one of my previous recent posts I mentioned buying this knit grey dress for the Pune winter this season and while experimenting with the dress I figured I can wear it like a loose laidback top as well! I landed up wearing it like a top, tucked into my marsala coloured flaired skirt and some comfy boots. 

Marsala is a wine, dry or sweet, produced in the region surrounding the Italian city of Marsala in Sicily & the rich earthy, robust shade was named as the Colour of The Year in 2015. It's been a favourite ever since!! 

I met my blogger buddy turned close friend, Aleena (Check out her blog here) one early morning to catch the fog and shoot a foggy winter-y look. Clearly we never have a dull moment when we are together. 

The knit top/dress is from Chicwish and I cannot stop raving about this website for its variety and quick shipping inspite of it being an international website. Also, I did not face any issue with customs at all! Win Win!! Don't forget to check out the website here:

And of course the super awesome photography is by Kruthika Pillai !! :D

Skirt: Romwe
Dress worn as Top: Chicwish
Boots: Alcott
Clutch: Borrowed from Aleena
Accessories: Swarovski, Fossil

Hope you loved the post!
Till next time,
Lots of Love,

Monday, 1 February 2016

Get Fit With Tiny Tea ft Pretty Secrets

This post was long overdue and I had been meaning to write about my experience with Tiny Tea's 28 day detox and fresh tea. Last year, I went on a trip to the Himalayas and all the hiking and extremes conditions made me lose tons of weight. I actually landed up looking unwell instead of healthy and I binged on all the possible fattening food that could help regain my usual health. As a result, I experienced bloating and the oily, fatty foods were so unhealthy I just could not eat all that any more! 

I came across Tiny Tea's Instagram account, and happened to get my hands on their 28 day detox tea. If you guys don't follow me on Instagram, one of my New Year's resolutions was to eat healthier and get fit! I have been all about eating healthy and eating 'right' and I really hope this will help my body get healthier hehe! Teas of various kinds are my new-found love and this certainly was a winner for me! I experienced lesser bloating in just 10 days of drinking this tea. I took a cup in the morning and one at night before going to bed. It not only helped me get better sleep but helped my tummy go back in slightly haha!

We Indian women should be proud of our curves, yet being in shape is very very important! Best part is, these guys have a large assortment of teas catering to different needs and you guys should definitely check out their website for further details! I'm still in the process of completing my 28-day tea course so follow me on my instagram account for more updates!! 
Peak at their website here: 
If you guys loved my floral kimono wrap, you can purchase it on Pretty Secrets (It's my favourite!)

 Dressing Gown Kimono Wrap: Pretty Secrets