Sunday, 8 May 2016

ShopOlympics feat Phoenix Marketcity Pune

Recently, Phoenix Marketcity - Pune had a super fun event / contest for us, bloggers! It was held in the mall itself and was aptly called "ShopOlympics" haha! 
It was such a fun event!! Interacting with fellow bloggers not only from my own city but also from Mumbai made this such a memorable experience! 

We were challenged to style as many outfits as possible within a fixed budget of 5000/- for all the outfits!! So tough isn't it? That's what we thought too! ;) But then, there was a catch too! We could not goose our preferred brands! We had to pick out chits from an array of 'one-stop-shops' like Pantaloons, Max etc !! 

Summer Getaway Beach Look

Now, honestly I was really skeptical initially what I'd find in these stores but was pleasantly surprised!! I picked out a chit that said "UNLIMITED" and I didn't even know such a brand existed! But I loved the outfits I styled eventually and boy, are they super affordable!! 

I styled 4 outfits containing so many individual pieces so imagine the prices! ;)

Casual Dinner Date Look

Friday Work Wear Look

Laidback Sunday Brunch Look

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