Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Totally Qabil-E-Tareef

Its been months since I wrote something on my blog and I just HAD to take some time off my busy schedule to post something here!
I have so many fun posts lined up so lets get this running nowwww!

You guys know my love for good food & recently after hearing about Qabil-E-Tareef near Pimpri I just had to pay a visit with my all time favourite companion, my brother! It was slightly far for us but totally worth the long drive via Aundh in Pune! The directions were really accurate and we didn't have to ask anyone or refer to Google even!
Once we got there, the first thing we noticed, was the lovely decor right from the entrance. They have a gorgeous door at the entrance which just adds to the whole Mughal theme.

Getting on with the food bit, we were super hungry by the time we got there, so we started our meal with a small portion of Chicken Paaya Soup - this was a light soup almost like chicken stock which was hot n flavoursome. A great way to lightly start a meal. We also had Masala papad - It was crispy with lots of cheese on the salad part of the papad which was yummy!

We ordered Chaas & Lassi - true to its Mughal spread , the options are very 'desi' you won't find your typical 'bloody mary' cocktails but some good wine for alcoholic preferences and Chaas or Lassi etc My brother was over ambitious haha so he opted for Lassi : not too sweet & garnished with dry fruits but slightly thick & creamy which is great but if you plan on eating heavy, chose the Chass option as its lighter on the tummy. Chaas : salty , light , appetising & lightly creamy, perfect accompaniment for some kebab starters maybe. 

Moving onto the appetizers, we had Malai Broccoli - I LOVE broccoli and this dish was basically crunchy broccoli florets coated with rich, creamy malai dressing which was Such a WIN! We also had Angaari Zafrani Tikka - which was chucks of soft, succulent & fresh chicken covered in a rich, milky / malai flavour, Such a delight! I must mention the portions are well sized and the dishes could easily be shared by 2-3 people. 

For the main course, we ordered, Kumbh Makkai Paneer - which had soft & fresh paneer (cottage cheese) with sweet corn kernels. I assumed the dish would be sweet but it wasn't which is how I prefer it honestly. I'm not too fond of certain dishes which have a sweet-ish flavour to them. So this dish was good inspite of having sweet corn kernels. Being a hard core meat lover, we had to try the Gosht Nawabi - which was a preparation that included mushrooms & capsicum too buit it actually tasted good. Have to say, the mutton was very fresh, soft & not chewy. 

My brother even tasted some Chicken Biryani - that had mint, saffron & lemon flavours. The chicken was soft & fresh, good quality basmati fragrant rice & had the right amount of spices. We had Kulcha (Onion & Butter) - which was well prepared but there are lots of options for Indian breads or rotis as we call them. Missi , laccha , naan makai Roti etc. For dessert we had Rabdi which according to my brother was yummy. I just couldn't eat any more as I was already so stuffed!

Overall we both really enjoyed our meal, the service was good. You may have to reserve a table as i noticed the place got full after a while. It's open all day from 12pm onwards so you can lazily walk in by even 4pm & you can find yourself something to eat. A bonus point for the decor as the place was beautifully done up. I even shot two looks there which i shall share with you guys in the following posts so stay tuned to check out the gorgeous venue!

Here's a number in case you would like to pay a visit : +91 9730687496 Mr.Gurung
Address: Qabil-e-Tareef, Shiv Sai Lane, Pimple Saudagar, Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra-411027

Hope you drooled & enjoyed the post along with the images!!
Till next time,
Lots of Love,

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