Sunday, 6 November 2016

Festive Boho ft. Splash India

Splash has been in India for a few years now and honestly, they have really evolved into a niche fashion brand matching upto other ones like Forever 21 etc. Splash houses not only stylish apparel and accessories but is also light on the pocket. Personally I’ve been buying from Splash ever since it opened its store in Pune. Recently, I landed up purchasing this gorgeous dress with embroidery which was so apt for the festive season. In fact I even wore it once with leggings below and it looked like a kurta set !! Talk about being versatile! ;)


Here, I wore the dress with a belt to synch the waist and tie up flats to add the boho vibe. The traditional earrings or Jhumkas as we call them along with a bindi really complemented the boho vibes. Of course I had to add my favourite sunnies to complete the look! Check out the pictures!! :D

Outfit: Splash India
Facebook: Here
Website: Here

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  1. beautiful boho're a beauty!!

  2. The first thing I did after going through your article was check the site...lovely collection they have. But, I simply love shopping online. There are so many sites and coupons available that you would feel spoilt for choice. For example, these -


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