Sunday, 1 January 2017

Adieu 2016 & Bonjour 2017

2016 was a year full of happy & sad moments. But that doesn’t take away the fact that it was a fabulous year!
It was the year when I got my first corporate job in a big name American MNC as a financial analyst, learnt even more about finance than in had while in college. Got to know some very knowledgeable seniors in my organization & just watch, learn & grow. I even tried my hand at marketing & corporate communications where I worked on putting together the annual Newsletter and made it happen in just a week, receiving appreciation from our MD! Work life was great!

It was the year where I traveled abroad for the first time from my own savings, lived like a gypsy, changing hostels and making friends from around the world everywhere I went. It was the year where I first lost something big – My Phone! It had so many pictures & memories from my trip, specially Venice & Disneyland Paris where I didn’t carry my DSLR so I hardly have anything from there! But, it was also the trip where I disconnected from social media for the remaining 7 days of my trip which turned out to be the best 7 days ever where I partied, drank, traveled, ate like a piggy & made some amazing friends from whom I managed to learn how to just let go & enjoy life as it comes!

It was the year my dad moved to another city for a work assignment, leaving me with more responsibilities in terms of contributing some of my salary to get household stuff, not partying till very late and going home on time. My 18 year old brother too was enlisted with his share of duties & of course my mother too had added responsibilities. It was the year where my family was more united than I had ever seen. Distance had brought us closer than before and it made me realize the importance of something that we so easily overlook. It was the year where I realized the value of ‘Family’.

It was also the year where I experienced heartbreak from my first serious relationship. Even though it was the best for the both of us, it still hurt. I grieved his absence, each day and that sucked. The best part is that it got easier with each passing day. I realized that nothing really lasts forever & all we can do is cherish every moment spent. Today 6 months after, I feel renewed & much stronger. A dear friend, rightly told me, that it could take days, months or even years to put it all behind, but in the end we overcome it all. Nonetheless, he was an amazing influence in my life for almost 4 years and I will always wish him well.

It was the year where after my heartbreak, I realized who my friends really were. Some landed up fighting with me for petty things when I was going through tough times, some never bothered to be there with me, but some went out of their way to spend time with me or stand by me when I was low. The ones who stuck by me, I love you all and you know who you’ll are! Girls Night Out was The Thing and I had some epic nights! I landed up learning so much from each of them & found soul mates in my girlfriends & family. They literally Saved me!

It was the year where I cooked more often, something I rarely did earlier even though I loved it. I made spicy chicken curry, aglio olio spaghetti, kheema pav, fried rice, thai curry, gulab jamun & So many other things! I began blogging about food more & attended every food tasting event. It was the year I officially began my relationship with FOOD! So much so, that in 2017 I bet I’ll have to start a relationship with FITNESS! Haha!

Lastly, It was a year where blogging took a back seat in 2016 as work took the front seat in my life but I will be blogging more in 2017 and also start my journey as a Youtuber!  It was also an amazing year where I got a chance to inspire all you guys! I posted some amazing things and It would not have been possible had you guys not been supportive! Right from the lovely comments, to the Insta DMs, to Snapchats I received, I have been grateful for it all. Let’s all push each other to do better. We are a family here! Like you all, I’m just another girl with problems, solutions, happy moments & the sad ones too. We all have some of it in our share. Give yourself some leverage & love yourself enough. Do amazing things, work hard, make big bucks, help someone in need, travel, even if that means visiting a small place within your state but JUST GO, make a difference to someone, spend time with your family, love with all your heart even if that means, falling flat on your face or experiencing heartbreak like me, at least you loved whole heartedly, adopt a pet, meet up with old friends, get fit but also eat that cake if you want to, save up & buy that expensive thing you’ve been eyeing, listen to good music, do that crazy dance, meet new people & let 2017 SURPRISE you!

To the good times,
Adieu 2016 & Bonjour 2017

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