Saturday, 25 March 2017

Travel Diaries : Dubai ( Burj Khalifa )

I recently traveled to Dubai along with my brother & as usual, I planned it out all by myself. I wanted to share my experiences and some tips for those who wish to travel to Dubai any time soon! Emirates is THE place to be during the shopping festival i.e between December to February as the weather, much to my surprise, was very chilly! I literally needed warm clothes as I was shivering almost every place I went! My 3 hour flight was scheduled to depart from Mumbai & I wanted to book my visit to the Burj Khalifa once I land. (Definitely recommend booking your tickets online rater than getting them on the spot as one can avail many discounts & land up paying a much cheaper amount than usual!) Soon, my flight arrived at the Dubai International Airport & I logged into the free airport wifi but somehow instead of booking my Burj Khalifa experience for the coming weekend, I booked it for the very same day by mistake!! To top that, the timing mentioned was 08:30am and It was 07:30am then, at the airport already!! I was almost shitting bricks when customer care informed me that they were helpless in helping me reschedule & I decided to rush to the Burj, with all my luggage, even though i'd be super late! I was literally, so sleepy from the travel, I bet it showed on my bare, makeup less face! Moreover, THIS was not how I wanted to look while visiting the world's tallest building! :|

Nonetheless, once my brother & I got there, the Burj looked magnificent! It was so tall, I couldn't even see the top from the ground due to the clouds. But that disappointed me. If it was cloudy, that meant I may not have the best view from the top & I was almost disappointed but thought of going up anyway! We were relieved as they did consider us even though we were late & we finally managed to ascent towards the top! The lift in itself was an exciting ride! The floor numbers on the screen literally do not stop till you reach the 124th floor! on the 100th floor my ears shut down due to the altitude so imagine the 124th & 125th floor! Haha! After we had our fill of the breathtaking views we were treated to a lavish breakfast at the world's highest restaurant, At.mosphere. The breakfast had options of cute mini burgers, pastries, juices & various teas. I leave you with some fun pictures!

Visa: Approx 5k (e-visa)
Flights: Approx 10k-20k (Jan-March)
Hotel: Approx 10k per night (4 star +)
AirBnB: Approx 4k-7k per night (Downtown Dubai)
Burj Khalifa Tickets: Approx 2k-4k per person (varies as per time)
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: 2k per person
Abu Dhabi Day Tour: 3k per person 
Desert Safari: 2k per person

Total Cost: Approx 50k-80k per person

Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience at the Burj Khalifa!
Remaining posts about my travels will be up on the blog very soon! Stay Tuned!
Special thanks to Visit Dubai!
If you need any help in planning a trip to Dubai or anywhere in the world, please feel free to drop me a mail on & i'll be happy to guide you! :)

T-Shirt: Zara
Denims: c/o Splash
Shoes: c/0 Adidas
Bag: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Zara
Watch: c/o Casio
Bracelet: c/o Swarovski

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