Thursday, 25 May 2017

Effortlessly Beautiful ft Aurelia

Working a 9-5 job & managing a blog simultaneously isn’t easy at all! I struggle to keep up with the work in office & I struggle to keep up with posting all the brand collaboration content on time. But, guess what? Nothing of this would be possible without sheer love for the work I do, be it blogging for brands or corporate communications for my company. There are times when you are challenged being a woman & you just have to go out there & prove yourself, leaving no stone unturned. I have always believed that being a woman was never a setback, but only a blessing. We are beautiful. Beautiful in the way we work, beautiful in the way we love in our relationships, beautiful in the way we swiftly execute tasks on the job & ‘Effortlessly Beautiful’ in the way we execute the Marriage of being a working woman with being a home maker. To celebrate our womanhood, I put together three looks by Aurelia, to showcase their ‘Effortlessly Beautiful’ collection of various storyboards for their Spring Summer 2017 range.

Rooted in the rich heritage of traditional Indian crafts and design, Aurelia is a fashion brand that offers classic and tasteful designs in various ensembles. With an expansive range of styles, colours, fabrics, silhouettes, prints, patterns and embroidery – Aurelia is as perfect to be worn in a commonplace setting as well as on special occasions. Aurelia’s newest collection attempts to capture the inner beauty of a woman like the beaming sun forming a spectacle, so fashion-forward. Beauty and grace come together once again embodying the indisputable charm of being a woman; with a soul and heart of an Indian. She is pretty, she is elegant; she is totally herself, inherently traditional  and ‘Effortlessly Beautiful’ . Aurelia has different collections categorized into stories like Damas'Q & Jaisalmer depicting different moods suitable for different occasions! Shop their collection on

 Outfits: c/o Aurelia (Facebook Page)

 Hope you enjoyed reading the post as a small ode to our womanhood!
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